Oh my! – Scifest 2017

On 9 March 2017, a group of 13 students from our School embarked on a scientific, yet adventurous, journey to Grahamstown, for Scifest. Nomsa Goba, a grade 11 learner at the school, spoke of her and her peers’ experiences.

Nomsa says that the drive to and from the festival was quite interesting. “The bus ride was very long! We listened to a lot of music, got to know a lot about each other. We even got emotional, because we spent a lot of time in a confined space together.

“I don’t know how it happened, but every time we stopped, there was a jungle-jim next to the petrol station, and we would play like five-year-olds!”

When asked about the food, Nomsa said that the food was “really good! This one night, Mrs Langtry made a curry. It was very strong! Dennis [a learner at CHS] was sweating!”

The shows were “very interesting” as well, said a laughing Nomsa. “We met people from all over the world, and we got to learn many new things. We met an interesting guy from Germany, called Sasha.

“We went to a murder mystery show. When we entered, the MC told us that the person that was meant to have presented, had passed away. I cried! This was, however, part of the show, and then I got angry because they made me cry.

“We also went to a party. It was like a five-year old party!” Nomsa told us, smiling. “We were the oldest people there. It was so embarrassing! We took a walk at the party, and discovered some chocolate, which we ate up quickly. Then, a few minutes later, we had a countdown. Children started running and were looking for the chocolate we had just eaten. It was so funny! All they found was the chocolate wrappers!”

On the whole, Nomsa said that the festival was amazing. “We learnt so much about science, life, and each other. One of my favourite moments was when Mrs Langtry got a parking ticket. Or as we called it, a love letter.”

The 13 students and the staff arrived back at school. From what Ms Goba says, it must have been a blast!

                         Written by ~Viwe Mbava, Shaine Muswere, Yusuf Rahbeeni