Code of Conduct

Every student at Claremont High School is required to sign this agreement and is expected to adhere to the conditions thereof:

• I accept that social responsibility, honesty, integrity, truthfulness, punctuality, regular attendance and compassion are core values of Claremont High School.

• I undertake to ensure that I will at all times be courteous and demonstrate respect for the beliefs, customs, language, individuality and property of others.

• I undertake to ensure that I do my homework regularly, prepare thoroughly for tests and examinations, and submit assignments and other allocated academic tasks timeously.

• I will ensure that my behaviour in the classroom does not negatively impact on an orderly and harmonious learning environment, nor interfere with or disallow others from learning.

• I undertake to ensure that I will use my and the school’s resources carefully and wisely.

• I will adhere to the regulations regarding appearance and school uniform and understand that it is required that I appear neatly and appropriately dressed at all times.

• I understand and accept that it is a requirement that I participate fully in the extramural programme at the school. This will mean that I need to participate in a minimum of two      extramural activities in grades 8 & 9 and one extramural activity in grades 10 -12 per week.

• I understand that my involvement in any instances of cheating, plagiarism, theft, bullying (verbal, physical or cyber), fighting, sexual harassment, supplying and/or smoking cigarettes (including e-cigarettes), supplying and/or partaking of an illegal substance, consuming or being under the influence of alcohol will be treated as serious misconduct and could jeopardise my continuing at Claremont High.

• I accept responsibility for my own behaviour and my own learning.

• I accept that the community at large will regard me as a representative of Claremont High and I undertake not to do anything to bring discredit to the school or its reputation.