Grade 8 Applications – 2022

Applications for Grade 8 - 2022 are CLOSED!

Please note that Grade 8 Applications for 2022 are now closed. The outcome of your application will be available on the WCED website between the 24th  to 28th of May 2021. Please do not contact the school for the outcome. Thank you.

Grade 9, 10 & 11 Application forms for 2022 will be loaded on to the website later in the year, sometime during the 3rd term.  Please do not use a Grade 8 application form for another grade. 

I applied for Grade 8 2022. When will I hear if my application has been successful?

The selection process takes place between now the end of May 2021.  We receive approximately 3 000 applications every year. The outcome of your child’s application will be replied to, via the WCED website where you register your child.

The school will NOT contact applicants about their applications. Please note that NOT ALL APPLICANTS will be invited to an interview.  ONLY applicants who are invited to an interview, will be contacted by email/sms, requesting parents to contact the school urgently to make a time and date for an interview.

Thank you for your patience in this regard.