2017 has seen the introduction of basic sewing skills being taught by Mrs Amiena Adams Pastor, director of “I Deserve It”, a non profit company.  I Deserve It offers a variety of  skills courses to help upskill, mentor and coach entrepreneurs within their businesses. The purpose of this initiative is to impart life skills to learners who can continue to endeavor building entrepreneurial opportunities.

Coordinator ~ Mrs T. Kagee - Solomons


Robotics is a sport in which learners form teams to solve real world problems by using Lego. Every year First Lego League releases a problem and set of tasks to teams all over the world. These teams would then have to find a solution to the problem and begin building and programming their robots to perform these tasks. Their robots are completely autonomous meaning that everything is preprogrammed. The students at Claremont High use Lego Mindstorm NXT 2.0 robots. So far every year Claremont High has claimed a trophy from FLL and yes, the trophies are made of Lego. The best part about robotics is not the building or the programming or the research; it's being part of multiple minds solving one problem, making sure your robot works.

Class Teacher Love

As part of their extramural responsibilities, teachers have one afternoon per week dedicated to supporting learners. This may take the form of informal tutoring, pastoral care meetings, group meeting to connect with different learners in ways the classroom would normally not allow, lifts home to get to know learners' contexts and to be able to meet family members, neighbours etc.



English Olympiad

The English Olympiad is a wonderful opportunity open to all learners from grade 10 to 12, in the first term of each year. Students taking part meet for a weekly session where we dive into all things literature - poems, short stories, play extracts and so on - and discuss themes, writing styles and techniques. The olympiad itself is a three-hour paper of creative responses to the works studied. Students who excel in this exam could be awarded prize money and/or scholarships towards university study.

Coordinators ~ English Department

Physical Science Olympiads

GET Phase (Grade 8 &9)

National Science Olympiad for Grades 8-9 SAASTA (South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement), NRF (National Research Foundation), Harmony

FET Phase (Grades 10 - 12)

Grade 10 & 11
National Science Olympiad (NSO) (Department of Science and Technology)
Grade 12
National Science Olympiad for Grades 10-12, SAASTA (South African Agency for Science and Technology Advancement), NRF (National Research Foundation), Harmony
Mathematics Olympiads

CHS participates in the following Mathematics Olympiads through the course of the year:

  • South African Mathematics Olympiad
  • UCT Mathematics Competition
  • Living Mathematics Olympiad
  • Norman Henshilwood Mathematics Competition
  • WBHS Mathematics Competition

Read to Rise

Read to Rise is a NGO which aims to promote youth literacy in South Africa's under-resourced schools, by distributing reading books and having interactive lessons with children of these schools. One of our students volunteered at this NGO and initiated this idea as an extramural at CHS.

The learners volunteer one hour every week to help cover books and make the posters for the team at Read to Rise to distribute to the various schools.

Homework and IT sessions

Each afternoon, learners may sign up for or simply join a homework venue if they would like a quiet place to work on some of their homework. As a school we are very aware that not all learners have an appropriate environment at home to work on their academics, and so the school seeks to provide such an environment at school. For the same reason, the school's Computer Room (IT Lab) is available during break times and most afternoons for learners who need time on the computers or to be able to access internet-based resources.

Academic Support

Mathematics tutoring

Maths tutoring is offered to those matrics and grade 9s in critical need in the first term. This tutoring is provided by qualified teachers.

Tutoring for other grades begins later in the year in a range of formats.

Coordinator ~ Mrs L Lowry

Physical Science tutoring

Physical Science tutoring is offered at Claremont High School as part of the Maths, Science and Technology initiative of the Department of Basic Education.

Learners are identified and encouraged to sign up for the tutoring programme.  It consists of small groups of 5 to 6 learners receiving additional help from qualified teachers during the extramural hour.

Coordinator ~ Ms A Coetzer

Afrikaans extra lessons
At CHS we believe in helping each learner reach their full potential in every subject. It is for this reason that the Afrikaans Department launched the Afrikaans extra lesson as an extramural option for learners who might struggle in this subject. Here we focus intensively on language concepts with which they struggle, provide support for their formal assessments and help them prepare for the exams. 


Coordinator ~ Ms S Rhode