School Fees

Designated by the WCED as a quintile 5 school, the school fees ensure that affordability remains a priority. 

Our school fees for 2024 were decided at the Budget Meeting held in November 2023. Fees are reviewed annually. As with all WCED schools, it is a legislated requirement for the School Governing Body to make provision for financial assistance, and this facility is available at CHS. 

While recognising the diversity of means among the Claremont High School community, it remains essential for all parents to prioritise the payment of fees, as these fees are essential for the school to provide all the facilities required to support an excellent educational environment.

Fees for 2024: R12 800 per learner per annum


Fees may be paid in one of the following ways:

  1. Once off payment upfront of R12 800 on or before 31 January 2024 (No discount on fees are offered).
  2. Ten Equal Monthly payments of R1 280 with payments on or before the last day of each month starting January (31 January 2024 – 31 October 2024).
  3. Four Equal Quarterly payments of R3200 on the first day of each term.

When making payment, please note that cheques must be made out to Claremont High School.

If depositing directly, please ensure that your school account number and/or your child’s name and grade are used in the reference field so that your account can be credited correctly.

EFT payments are always regarded as the preferred option for making payments into the CHS bank account. However, Standard Bank also has the option to make payments at Standard Bank ATMs or at the tellers inside the bank. School fees may also be paid via SnapScan using the QR Code below. Do ensure that you use your Claremont High account number and/or your child’s name and grade as a reference.


Parents who feel that they are unable to pay their full fees should make application for an Exemption of Fees form as soon as possible. Application forms will be available from the Bursar, Mrs Forbay, from 25th January 2024.  All applications are treated in the strictest confidence but are only considered if there is a full disclosure of all income. Emailing Mrs Forbay on or calling to make an appointment for Application Form collection is essential. The closing date for applications is 29 February 2024 however, should your financial situation change during the year please do not hesitate to make contact with the finance office.


Banking Details:

Claremont High School
Standard Bank Claremont
Branch code: 02 5109
Account: 310 826 128
Swift Address: SBZA ZA JJ (International deposits)

Ref: Your school account number (or your child's name and grade)

e.g. Soa001 or Joe Soap Gr8a




Our Bursar

Mrs J. Forbay

 Tel:  021 671 0645

 Fax: 021 671 5076